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Variable selection method improves the prediction of protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectra. Toumadje, A. Extending CD spectra of proteins to nm improves the analysis for secondary structures. Effects of relative band intensity on prediction of protein secondary structure from CD. Johnson, W. Analyzing protein circular dichroism spectra for accurate secondary structures.

Proteins 35 , — A self-consistent method for the analysis of protein secondary structure from circular dichroism. Protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectroscopy. Combining variable selection principle and cluster analysis with neural network, ridge regression and self-consistent methods.

Estimation of protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectra: inclusion of denatured proteins with native proteins in the analysis. Quantitative analysis of protein far UV circular dichroism spectra by neural networks. Protein Eng. Article Google Scholar.

Andrade, M. Evaluation of secondary structure of proteins from UV circular dichroism spectra using an unsupervised learning neural network. Unneberg, P. Proteins 42 , — Perczel, A. Analysis of the circular dichroism spectrum of proteins using the convex constraint algorithm: a practical guide. A new approach to the calculation of secondary structures of globular proteins by optical rotatory dispersion and circular dichroism.

Determination of the secondary structures of proteins by circular dichroism and optical rotatory dispersion. Biochemistry 11 , — Poly pro II helices in globular proteins: identification and circular dichroic analysis.

Biochemistry 33 , — Convex constraint analysis: a natural deconvolution of circular dichroism curves of proteins. Safar, J.

Thermal stability and conformational transitions of scrapie amyloid prion protein correlate with infectivity. Using circular dichroism, collected as a function of temperature, to determine the thermodynamics of protein unfolding and binding interactions. Adler, A. Circular dichroism and optical rotatory dispersion of proteins and polypeptides.

Rosenkranz, H. Circular dichroism of helical and nonhelical proteins. A review of the limits of the methods for calculating secondary structure. Protein secondary structure and circular dichroism: a practical guide. Proteins 7 , — Circular dichroism. Kelly, S. How to study proteins by circular dichroism. Acta , — Miles, A. Synchrotron radiation circular dichroism spectroscopy of proteins and applications in structural and functional genomics.

Fasman, G. Plenum Press, New York and London, Determination of the folding of proteins as a function of denaturants, osmolytes or ligands using circular dichroism. The use of circular dichroism to study the kinetics of protein folding and unfolding. Spectral magnitude effects on the analyses of secondary structure from circular dichroism spectroscopic data.

Edelhoch, H. Spectroscopic determination of tryptophan and tyrosine in proteins. Cells expressing circular Squash exhibited much brighter cellular fluorescence than cells expressing circular tCorn. Circular Squash showed mostly nucleus-excluded signal.

Cells expressing circular Squash exhibited substantially more fluorescence. Bands corresponding to circular Squash and circular tCorn in SYBR Gold staining were identified by comparing them with the 5S-control lane and marked by white stars. Quantification of the band intensities indicates slightly higher expression of circular tCorn. The higher fluorescence of circular Squash-expressing cells compared to tCorn is probably due to higher quantum yield and improved folding of Squash.

Additionally, the DFHO fluorescence intensity of the band corresponding to circular Squash is much higher than that of the circular tCorn band, suggesting that Squash also folds better in the gel than Corn.

Source data. Squash-SAM sensors and are highlighted. Following this, cycloleucine was removed by replacing the imaging media with cycloleucine-free media. Images are shown at specific intervals along with results for representative cells.

Cells expressing the circular sensors showed drop in the cellular fluorescence during cycloleucine treatment and increase in cellular fluorescence during cycloleucine withdrawal.

However, cell expressing circular Squash did not show any change in cellular fluorescence during this treatment. Cellular mean fluorescence intensity was calculated for each sensor and normalized to maximum intensity at time point 0.

Each cell is represented using a different color. For each sensor, SAM decay was observed following addition of cycloleucine and SAM recovery is seen after withdrawal of cycloleucine. Interestingly for both the sensors, the SAM decay profile for each individual cell is very similar while the SAM recovery profiles are distinctly different.

Some cells have correlated fluorescence gray arrows. Flow cytometry also revealed poor correlation. Excellent correlation was observed for each cell see Fig. This was also confirmed by flow cytometry. Circular FBroccoli-Squash shows bright signal in both channels. The green fluorescence signal was not substantially affected.

We quantified the average SAM concentration at different time points during cycloleucine treatment and withdrawal. SAM concentrations were not affected by sensor expression. Sensors used for each cell type are indicated. Line indicates median, box shows the interquartile range, and whiskers are the minimum and maximum values. In Fig. To see if reintroduction of the amino acids in the media leads to rise in SAM level, we added the amino acids back to the media. Images are shown at indicated time points.

We used because it has higher dynamic range. Most cells did not show any notable change in SAM levels, consistent with a lack of functional threonine dehydrogenase enzyme in these cells. Threonine depletion did not exacerbate the drop in SAM levels, suggesting that threonine does not have a major role in SAM levels in these cells. A rapid drop in SAM levels was observed in 30 min for most cells.

The cells indicated by white arrows in c and d start with a very high level of SAM and show slower drop in SAM level over time compared to other cells. All three populations showed slightly faster drop in SAM levels with cycloleucine treatment compared to depletion of methionine and threonine together. Reprints and Permissions. Dey, S. Repurposing an adenine riboswitch into a fluorogenic imaging and sensing tag.

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Buy article Get time limited or full article access on ReadCube. Data availability All data supporting the findings of this study are available within the paper and its Supplementary Information files. Code availability The custom code used to analyze the sprouts and clips library is deposited in Bitbucket.

References Sanford, L. Google Scholar Bartel, D. Citrix Receiver Citrix Workspace CloudCompare 2. CmapTools 6. CodeWarrior Development Studio. CoolTerm 1. Creative Cloud XD CX-One V4. CytExpert 2. DIALux evo 5. Digilent Plugin for Xilinx Tools. Digital Editions. DSX Kirra 2. Echo Universal Capture 6. Endnote ER Assistant 2.

FigTree 1. Fiji 1. FIJI 1. Foodworks 8. Foxit Reader 8. FSPViewer 2. GenAIEx 6. GitHub Desktop 2. Grammarly 1. Gwyddion 2. Honeybee 0.

Therefore, our study uncovers the importance of exosomes in diabetic embryopathy and the relationship between vasculogenesis and neurulation during early embryonic development.

Terry A. After oocyte injection, 6 founders carried the FGF2 transgene, 3 of them showed GFP expression and one line was selected for experiment. The DNA construct for the Survivin transgenic mice was driven by the Flk-1 promoter, which was cloned based on a previous report There were 15 founders that carried the Survivin transgene, and one was selected for our experiment. Louis, MO was dissolved in sterile 0. Our mouse model of diabetic embryopathy has been described previously 8 , 10 , 36 , 61 , M, and day 0.

M the next morning. Female mice injected with vehicle served as the nondiabetic controls. NTDs were examined at E The C Supernatants containing the cell-free culture media were transferred to a new tube without disturbing the pellet. Exosomes were contained in the pellet at the bottom of the tube not visible in most cases. Abdomen hairs of the dams were removed. The number of embryos was counted to ensure adequate record keeping of which embryos were injected. The uterine horns were gently pulled up through the silicon membrane of the dish, which contained 0.

Under ultrasound Vevo , VisualSonics, Canada guidance, the uterus was penetrated by a microinjection needle C, Coopersurgical to reach the amniotic cavity. Following one injection, the handling table was repositioned to image and inject the next embryo.

After injecting the desired number of embryos, the uterine horns were placed back into the abdomen. The maternal abdomen was sutured closed. Immunoblotting was performed as described by Yang et al. Following primary antibody incubation, membranes were washed with PBS and then exposed to HRP-conjugated related secondary antibodies at dilution of All experiments were repeated in triplicate with the use of independently prepared tissue lysates.

The detailed antibody information is provided in Supplementary Table 5 , and whole Western blots are shown in Supplementary Fig. All primer sequences were listed in Supplementary Table 6. Embryos were dehydrated in alcohol and embedded in paraffin. Five micrometer cross vertical sections of E8. The yolk sac in an E8.

For immunostaining analyses, controls were processed by omitting the primary antibody. Yolk sacs were removed from the conceptuses and mounted on positively charged slides. Embryos were examined directly. DHE staining was used for immunofluorescent detection of superoxide.

DHE reacts with superoxide that binds to cellular components such as protein and DNA, and manifested with bright red fluorescence. Briefly, E8. TUNEL-positive cells in an area about cells of the neuroepithelium were counted. The percentage of TUNEL-positive cells was calculated as a fraction of the total cell number, multiplied by and averaged within the sections of each embryo.

In animal studies, experiments were repeated at least three times, and embryonic samples from each replicate were from different dams. Further information on research design is available in the Nature Research Reporting Summary linked to this article. Mathews, T. Trends in Infant Mortality in the United States, — McGough, I.

Exosomes in developmental signalling. Development , — Saha, P. Circulating exosomes derived from transplanted progenitor cells aid the functional recovery of ischemic myocardium. Wheatley, S.

Survivin at a glance. Cell Sci. Khan, S. Survivin is released from cancer cells via exosomes. Apoptosis: Int. Cell Death 16 , 1—12 Shalaby, F. Failure of blood-island formation and vasculogenesis in Flkdeficient mice.

Nature , 62—66 Zwerts, F. Lack of endothelial cell survivin causes embryonic defects in angiogenesis, cardiogenesis, and neural tube closure.

Blood , — Yang, P. Maternal hyperglycemia activates an ASK1-FoxO3a-caspase 8 pathway that leads to embryonic neural tube defects. Wang, F. Ask1 gene deletion blocks maternal diabetes-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress in the developing embryo by disrupting the unfolded protein response signalosome.

Diabetes 64 , — Protein kinase C-alpha suppresses autophagy and induces neural tube defects via miR in diabetic pregnancy. Pavlinkova, G. Maternal diabetes alters transcriptional programs in the developing embryo. BMC Genomics 10 , Wentzel, P. Decreased cardiac glutathione peroxidase levels and enhanced mandibular apoptosis in malformed embryos of diabetic rats. Diabetes 57 , — Wallingford, J. The continuing challenge of understanding, preventing, and treating neural tube defects. Science , Correa, A.

Diabetes mellitus and birth defects. Greene, M. First-trimester hemoglobin A1 and risk for major malformation and spontaneous abortion in diabetic pregnancy. Teratology 39 , — Lucas, M. Early pregnancy glycosylated hemoglobin, severity of diabetes, and fetal malformations.

Suhonen, L. Glycaemic control during early pregnancy and fetal malformations in women with type I diabetes mellitus. Diabetologia 43 , 79—82 Superoxide dismutase 1 in vivo ameliorates maternal diabetes mellitus-induced apoptosis and heart defects through restoration of impaired wnt signaling. Cardiovascular Genet. Role of HIF-1alpha in maternal hyperglycemia-induced embryonic vasculopathy. Google Scholar. Fine, E. Evidence that elevated glucose causes altered gene expression, apoptosis, and neural tube defects in a mouse model of diabetic pregnancy.

Diabetes 48 , — Salbaum, J. Neural tube defect genes and maternal diabetes during pregnancy. Birth Defects Res. A Clin. Berdahl, D. Detection of enlarged yolk sac on early ultrasound is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. PubMed Article Google Scholar. Blockade of c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation abrogates hyperglycemia-induced yolk sac vasculopathy in vitro. Kodet, O.


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Jul 27,  · For LTP recordings, the FV and fEPSP responses were normalized to baseline by calculating their slopes before and after HFS, and the normalized ratio is presented. Signals were recorded as above, and analysis was performed with Clampfit (Molecular Devices) and SigmaPlot V14 (Systat Software Inc.). Jan 25,  · (a) CD spectra of poly-L-lysine at pH in the (1, black) α-helical and (2, red) antiparallel β-sheet conformations and at pH in the (3, . Jul 12,  · This study explored the relationship between the glucose dose and insulin response from beta cells in vivo and in vitro in mice. Glucose was administered intravenously at different dose levels (from 0 to g/kg) in anesthetized C57BL/6J mice, and the glucose and insulin concentrations were determined in samples taken after 50 min. Furthermore, freshly .