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So you won’t miss out. For those who wonder why this was reposted. Some corrections were made, so the previous URL is no longer valid. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Join Group. Select your favorite character and fly, power up, transform, melee, and beam your enemies into pulp. Each character is given signature moves and abilities to compliment different style of play.

Some are stronger in hand to hand combat, others are better with energy attacks. There is a learning curve so newbies beware. This is not your normal Half-life mod. ESF Website [www. This tells you two things. First, the number displayed in the Ki meter tells you what your current Power Level is. The higher this number, the more powerful your attacks will be, and the closer you are to being able to transform.

The second thing the bar tells you is the amount of Ki you currently have available for use. The more Ki you have, the more Ki you can put into your attacks to make them stronger, faster, etc This bar shows you how close you are to being able to transform or ascend to your next most powerful state more on that later.

When this bar is full, you can press the “Ascend” key default “Z” to move to your next form. Next to the Form Change Meter is a meter which shows how many Sensu Beans your are currently carrying Sensu Beans can be found hidden in certain levels and will completely refill your health. It is denoted by a picture of a Sensu Bean. Next to the Sensu Bean Counter is a small box which displays an animation telling you what attack you currently have selected.

When you spawn or ascend, you will have your melee attack selected by default. Scouters detect energy signals in a manner very similar to Bulma’s Dragon Radar; however, the scouter can also be used to measure an opponent’s power level and to detect high energy sources from long distances. Raditz, Goku’s brother, was the first person to use the scouter in the show when he used it to locate Goku on Planet Earth. Vegeta and Nappa, Raditz’ commanding officers, also used the scouters, although Vegeta soon learned how to sense Ki with his mind and thus had no use for the scouter.

Frieza, the second major villain in the series, had his plan to steal the Dragonballs of Namek completely spoiled when a Namek Elder destroyed all of the scouters that he had access to. By the time Captain Ginyu arrived with replacements, the countdown to his destruction had already begun. On the side of the screen, about three-quarters of the way up, is your own personal scouter.

You can toggle this on or off using the Scouter key default “F9”. The Scouter has two functions. First, it serves as a sort of radar, showing you the locations of your friends and nearby enemies. Second, when you point directly at another player, it will tell you their name, class character , and current power level. You can toggle the functions that the Scouter performs by pressing the Scouter key. Pressing it once puts the Scouter in Mixed Mode; it will function both as a radar and an information device.

Pressing it again will put it in Radar Mode, and pressing it again will put it in Info Mode. Press it once more to remove the Scouter. By the time you’re through reading this section, you’ll know everything there is to know about the controls of the game. Use the keyboard to move forward and backward and to strafe left and right. Use the mouse to turn left and right and to aim up and down.

The mouse is also used to fire your currently selected weapon. You also use the keyboard to jump. The longer you hold down the jump key, the higher your jump will be. But I warn you: jumping takes Ki, and the higher you jump, the more Ki you will drain although it is a relatively small amount. There’s also another movement technique called “Beam Jumping.

To do this, hold down the “Jump” button as you fire any beam and you will be propelled in the opposite direction as the beam.

Useful for moving across the map quickly. Note: you cannot duck in ESF. While flying mode is activated, moving forward and backward will move you straight forward and straight backward in the direction you’re currently pointing. To move straight up, press and hold the Jump key.

Flying costs Ki, and as long as you’re flying, you will slowly drain your Ki meter. If your Ki drains completely, you will stop flying and will fall to the ground. Teleporting is more straightforward. While moving, tap the “Teleport” key to teleport a short distance in the direction you’re moving. This is a handy way to avoid attacks; however, there is no guarantee that the teleport will keep you away from the blast radius of a powerful Ki wave.

Each time you teleport, it will cost you a small amount of Ki. Raditz was the first victim of the Turbocharge in DragonBall Z. His scouter was not capable of showing the true power level of his opponents, Piccolo and Goku. Using a combination of speed and strategy, they were able to defeat Raditz, although the victory cost Goku his life. Turbocharging is a method that allows you to boost your Power Level at the expense of Ki.

As long as you are turbocharged, your Ki will drain at a steady rate. However, while turbocharged, all of your attacks are more powerful, and you run and fly much faster. To toggle turbo mode, press the “Turbo” button. While turbocharged, an aura will surround your character, so you can tell by looking at anybody whether or not they are turbocharged. However, you can refill your Ki meter by powering up.

It only takes a few seconds to power up your meter to full, but you are completely vulerable during that time! To power up, holding down the “Power Up” key. While you hold it down, a distinctive aura will surround your character and he will recharge his Ki. Note: there is no way to refill your health meter outside of using a Senzu Bean. The only exception to this is Majin Buu, who has a move which transfers Ki to health at a slow rate.

This sounds like a good enough point for me, so here we go! Firing special moves is as easy as pressing the left mouse button Simply charge up the attack until the charge meter reaches the little white line, and you can fire.

However, if you wish, can charge PAST that point, thus making the attack more powerful. Of course, it will use more Ki and will take longer, so use your judgement. But this combat is more than simply the hack-and-slash action of other anime. It’s much more stylish than that. Once initiated, you will then swoop down on your unsuspecting victim and knock them across the map.

Follow these steps to successfully perform a melee attack. Melee is always set to be your first weapon, so the default key to select Melee is “1”. When the reticle turns red, click the left mouse button to target him.

Your opponent will remain targeted as long as he is in your visual range. If he leaves that range for more than seconds, the target will be lost.

To begin melee, you must press the left mouse button, and then immediately press and hold the right mouse button. If you are sucessful, he will take massive damage and go flying across the screen.

So what should you do if you are attacked by melee? Well, the first thing you should do is press the left mouse button.

When hit with a melee attack, your character begins to plummet out of control across the map. If he hits a wall, he will take more damage and fall to the ground.

However, if you have some Ki, you can click the left mouse button to stop your character. The same thing applies when you hit the ground. You can press the left mouse button to get up when you hit the ground; again, at the cost of Ki everything costs Ki in this game!!

If you don’t have Ki, your character will lie on the ground for a while before getting up. The main character, Goku, would transform into a giant ape at the sight of a full moon; a transformation that he could not control. Even though characters such as Piccolo and Krillin never could “transform,” ESF gives these characters the ability to “ascend” beyond their current state once their power level is high enough.

Heck, it’s only fair! Transforming is as simple as forgetting to shower, although it’s a lot less smelly. Then sit back, and watch the show as your character transforms. Sometimes, especially in the case of Goku, it’s quite a sight to see. When transformed, your power level is multiplied by either 2 or 1.

This will [obviously] increase the power of your attacks, increase your speed, and decrease your charge time. Certain characters will automatically descend to their original state if their Ki is completely depleted. You will have to press the ascend key to return to their more powerful state, but fortunately it will take slightly less time to complete the transformation. As your power level continues to rise, the time it takes for your character to transform decreases.

This time will continue to descrease until the transformation is instantaneous. This is referred to as the “Perfect Transformation,” and is extremely handy in the middle of battle. Currently, each character has only one transformation, but later versions of ESF have promised to add second and third transformations, which I personally can’t wait for!

Rather, they prefer to push them aside, shove them back, block them, disperse them, or at least attempt to do one of the above before being destroyed. First, you can hold down the “block” key. While in block mode, small Ki blasts will be automatically swatted aside and larget Ki waves will initiate a struggle more on that in a minute.

The other way is to fire a Ki wave of your own into your opponents wave. This will also initiate a struggle. Somewhere on this bar will be a small yellow line. This line will indicate whether or not you are winning the struggle.

If the line is in the blue section, you are winning. If it is in the red section, you are losing. To successfully perform a power struggle, simply hold down the primary fire key; i. While in a power struggle you will slowly drain your Ki did you expect otherwise. This Ki will be put into the wave in an effort to either shove it aside if you used the block button to initiate or to push it back if you fired your own wave to initiate. But be warned. The more you struggle, the stronger the wave becomes.

Sometimes it can become so powerful that when it finally does explode, the blast radius is large enough and the wave strong enough that EVERYBODY on the map dies with the exception of teammates. He was sent to Planet Earth as a baby with the instructions to destroy every person on the planet, thus making it available to sell to the highest bidder. This is what Saiyans do: conquer planets and sell them. But something happened. As a young child, Goku fell from a large height and developed a serious case of amnesia.

The incident caused him to forget the instructions imprinted on his brain, including his real name: Kakarrot. He was adopted by an elderly gentleman, Gohan, who raised him as his grandchild. He is the main character of DragonBall Z and is directly responsible for the defeat of the four main villains of the series: Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. Goku’s transformation is that of Super Saiyan. He first reached this powerful state during the battle with Frieza.

After his best friend, Krillin, was killed by Frieza, Goku’s rage caused a hidden power within him to be released, causing him to transform into a Super Saiyan. He is the first of his race to perform this transformation in many millenia. While a Syper Saiyan, Goku is extremely powerful and fast, and has the ability to teleport while charging his attacks.

He cannot, however, use the Spirit Bomb. Does a small amount of damage, but can be fired at a fast rate and the blasts travel at a fast speed. Secondary fire causes you to fire Ki Blasts at a faster rate. If enough Ki Blasts are detonated close to each other, a Ki Blob will be formed, and anyone inside the blob will take damage while they are inside.

Ki Blasts can be thrown into the Blob to increase its size up to a point. It takes very little time to charge; however, it is not very powerful. Useful when you need a quick attack that is more powerful than the Ki Blast. This is Goku’s staple attack; use it often.

If charged all the way, it will drain most of your Ki, so be careful. It’s a good idea to try to power back up after firing this attack. The Spirit Bomb borrows a small amount of Ki from every living thing in the vicinity and gathers it into a giant ball of energy. Use it only when you’ve got your team protecting you, or everybody else is on the other side of the map. But if you can charge this thing up to its maximum power takes close to thirty seconds and can fire it where the action is, you’re guaranteed two or three kills.

If you want a slightly less powerful, but more versatile version of the spirit bomb, hold down secondary fire. Goku charges up a much smaller bomb, much like the one he uses against Vegeta and Turless.

You can use this in normal battles; however, you still can’t move while charging or holding it, so it still has limited uses but the fact that it doesn’t cost any Ki at all can be useful. While the manual claims that it can only be used once per life, I haven’t noticed this to be true.

Anybody within the radius of the attack is completely blinded for a period of time. It has strategic value; use it to escape from an enemy who is chasing you.

Use primary fire to generate small Ki balls which hover in place. You can then use secondary fire to fire those balls into your opponent.

I find it to be practically useless and have yet to launch a successful attack with it. You can use this to light up dark areas I found it particularly useful in the Caves. You can also use secondary fire to toss the bean to a teammate. He was first trained for fighting by Piccolo in preparation for the arrival of the Saiyan leaders on Planet Earth.

Gohan aided in the fight against Frieza, although it was Super Saiyan Goku who delivered the final blow. In ESF you play as Gohan later on in his life: while he is a teenager. He has grown stronger, and has learned to become a Super Saiyan. This is his transformation. Although this is not the most powerful Gohan becomes in the series, we’re just going to have to live with it. While Gohan is not as strong as some of the other characters, he can make his transformation to Super Saiyan much faster than Goku or Vegeta, thus giving him a head-start on the competition.

Makes sense, considering Gohan was a child wonder when it came to fighting! This is Gohan’s staple attack; use it often. The secondary function fires the energy of the dome. While this may sound like a good move, it has a tendency to crash servers, and most servers ban you from using it. When transformed, this attack gets a MUCH larger blast radius, so keep that in mind.

Although a formidable force at the beginning of the show, Krillin’s power never increased as much as other character, so he began to play less and less of a role as the show went on. After the defeat of Cell, Krillin married Android 18 and they now have a daughter, although how a human and an android have children is completely beyond me.

Krillin’s transformation is completely made up in ESF, as are his excellent stats once transformed. While it is true that Krillin does have hair towards the end of the series, he never has the massively high stats that he has in this game and the hair doesn’t come from some crazy transformation.

Of course, it takes friggin’ forever to reach a high enough power level to transform, so it’s hard to tell if his power comes from the transformation, or from that fact that he had a huge power level to begin with!

This is Krillin’s staple attack; use it often. He almost killed Nappa with this, as well as almost slicing Frieza right in half. It’s a shame that this attack crashes most servers; so you really can’t use it unless you’re playing a LAN game sucks, don’t it? Clever little guy, isn’t he? Use this sparingly; it’s not that powerful, but it can be used if you’re being attacked by multiple opponents. Piccolo hails from Planet Namek and had a life-long feud with Goku. He was evil at one point, but the love that Gohan showed during their training changed Piccolo into a dedicated friend of the entire family and one of the strongest of the Z-Fighters.

Piccolo is uniquely tied to the Guardian of the Earth, Kami. They are connected in a strange way, in that if one of them dies, so does the other. This almost proved to be the downfall of the entire world while Piccolo was fighting Garlic Jr. Piccolo and Kami eventually fused together into a single being during the Cell Saga, but this turn of events caused the Dragon Balls which Kami had made to disappear forever! Piccolo doesn’t really transform; rather, he raises his power level through a rigorous meditation.

Techically it still falls the “transformation” category, but we know what it really is, don’t we? Use the primary fire to launch Ki Blasts and then use secondary fire to make them move where you aim.

Use it when you want to attack the enemy quickly and give them no chance to dodge out of the way. Despite the way it looks, it’s classified as a “non-beam attack,” doing massive damage and traveling at a decent speed. It also has a large blast radius. As soon as it has fired, you can start charging up another one, and fortunately it has a very low charge time.

Don’t just use this move; abuse it. He had come back in time to warn Goku and the others about events that were about to occur in the future, in hopes that certain things could be prevented. His first order of business was to destroy the reanimated Frieza, after which he confided many secrets of what was to come to the only person he knew he could trust: Goku. Trunks is the son of an unlikely pair: Vegeta and Bulma. He’s also an illegitimate son; Vegeta and Bulma are not married until long after he is born.

Being part Saiyan, Trunks possesses the ability to become a Super Saiyan, which is his transformation in this game. Trunks is all about melee attacks, seeing as how he is armed with a sword. If you like melee, then you will love Trunks. Trunks also has the same advantage that Gohan does: he doesn’t have to raise his power level far to be able to transform.

So what’s his weakness? First off, in addition to the generic attacks, Trunks only has a single attack: the Burning Attack, which generally sucks. Once transformed, he has access to a slightly better attack, but even then it’s not that great. Trunks is all about the melee, and I mean ALL about the melee.

Melee attack. See “Basic Controls” for information about Melee. It does pathetic damage and has a very small blast radius. Basically, it sucks. I really don’t see much reason to use this over the Ki Beam. The attack itself looks small; however, when it hits it releases a HUGE amount of Ki, resulting in a large explosion.

This is his only good attack, so use it all you want. Prince of Saiyans, and overall jerk. Vegeta has always had a superiority complex and unique ideas about battles and fighting in general. He believes himself to be the strongest ever, and refuses to accept the fact that Goku is superior. It is not until he observes the showdown between Goku and Majin Buu that he finally realizes that Goku truly is superior and the most he could ever hope to do is to catch up.

Vegeta was the first major villain of the series. Along with his henchman Nappa, he traveled to Earth to kill Goku and capture the Dragon Balls, planning to wish for immortality. After being defeated, he traveled to Planet Namek in hopes of finding the Dragon Balls rumoured to be hidden there. Vegeta was named for his home planet, which was ironically destroyed by the very person that Vegeta had served his whole life: Frieza.

Obviously, Vegeta is a Saiyan, so he has the ability to become a Super Saiyan. However, he is going to have the hardest time of any of the other Saiyans in becoming one; he has to raise his power level , points higher than anyone else has to.

But don’t let this discourage you from playing as Vegeta; he can easily be the biggest threat on any battlefield anywhere. When charged, Vegeta releases a torrent of Ki Blasts upon his opponent. Also, if enough of them hit, they automatically form a Ki Blob around the opponent. How cool is that? Secondary fire launches standard Ki Blasts.

It’s slightly less powerful than Goku’s counterpart, but it charges quicker and moves slightly faster. When charging, Vegeta’s entire body glows a bright color, so it’s really easy to spot somebody who’s about to fire this.

Don’t let that stop you from using it though; it’s Vegeta’s only really good attack before becoming a Super Saiyan. It’s sort of his answer to the Spirit Bomb, although it’s not nearly so powerful. However, its fast speed and low charge time basically completely make up for it.

Just be careful not to kill yourself with it – your power level will drop like a rock. You wanted something more powerful than the Kamehameha? Here it is. It’s also very slow. However, it’s easily one of the most powerful Ki waves in the game; heck, I’d say it is THE most powerful Ki wave in the game.

Use this, and use it often. Frieza is a sort of intergalactic bully who goes around doing just about whatever he wants. He’s also insanely powerful; easily killing Vegeta and Krillin without even trying.

However, he did receive a serious butt-whipping when Goku finally made the transformation to Super Saiyan. Frieza has had a longstanding relationship with the Saiyans; he often buys planets from them for his own uses. However, he started to worry about their power and destroyed their planet and the entire race just to be safe.

The only Saiyans who survived were Vegeta, who Frieza took for his assistant, Nappa and Raditz, who also served Frieza, and Kakarrot, who Frieza did not even know existed. I’m not exactly sure what kind of creature Frieza is, but he’s some sort of nasty. He begins in the state you see him in the game: a sort of shrimpy little white and pink dude with a tail and small horns.

But it gets worse We only get access to Frieza’s first transformation in this game, but later versions of the game will let you play as Frieza’s second and third transformation.

Trust me; that will totally kick some major butt. I can’t wait. You can also use the secondary fire button to recall the disk to your hand, allowing you to throw it again. Unfortunately, It also suffers the same fate as Krillin’s disk; it crashes the server sucks, don’t it? Consequently, most servers will ban you if you use this weapon, so just try to forget that it even exists.

It’s similar to Piccolo’s Eye Laser in that it is an instantaneous attack, but it’s got a feature that Piccolo doesn’t get: rapid fire! Use secondary fire for rapid fire, but this will eat up your Ki like nothing else.

This is a high powered non-beam attack that has a very large blast radius. It’s in the same league as Vegeta’s Final Flash and Goku’s Spirit Bomb although the Spirit Bomb is still far more powerful , and thus requires the same strategy.

Yep, that’s Cell. The creation of the evil Dr. Gero, Cell is formed from the cells of some of the strongest fighters in history, including Frieza, Vegeta, and even Goku! No surprise then that Cell actually is from the future, using the same technology that Trunks used to get back in time.

No surprise either that Cell wants to stop Trunks and make sure that the future doesn’t change. Cell doesn’t transform directly in the TV show, at least. Rather, he transforms by absorbing others; the Androids, specifically. After absorbing all the Androids including 18, the one that Krillin was in love with , he became Perfect Cell a form which we unfortunately don’t get to see in this game – not yet anyway. So what’s with Cell?

He’s always been a sort of mystery to me, and I’ve never really quite understood what his deal is. But as far as ESF goes, I can tell you exactly who he is.



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