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I may receive communications from Altium and can change my notification preferences. Mobile menu. Explore Products. With the library, however, you can rapidly sort through thousands of components to narrow down the list of relevant parts and then place the cheapest in-stock option directly into your design – all with Altium. Components added with the library will generate an excellent bill of materials for your project with or without ActiveBOM.

Save time on the design, and significantly reduce errors by placing real-world parts directly from the library. If your design calls for a 1. Each component in the database contains a link to supplier pages and a link to the datasheet allowing rapid access to reference materials. As all technical parameters and pricing data is available, your BOM can be populated automatically with all relevant information for purchasing.

Every component has a footprint that matches the manufacturer’s recommended footprint, or if a recommendation is not available, an IPC Compliant footprint for the specific package sizing. Only highly standardized passive components utilize generic footprints; all other parts have manufacturer-specific land patterns. Each footprint features a high quality, dimensionally accurate, correctly colored 3D model. Every 3D model in the library is created from scratch to the manufacturer’s drawings.

This attention to detail ensures excellent 3D collision checking and eases MCAD integration when designing enclosures and associated parts. Every part’s center position is where a pick and place machine’s head should collect the component. For companies running an in house Pick and Place machine, this is very convenient and allows faster machine setup.

Your pick and place export list for products built with the Celestial Altium Library contains centers in the correct location. Library symbols are standardized as much as possible.

Standard protocols like SPI have the pins in the same order in every part where other library standards don’t have a higher priority. This preciseness makes it extremely easy to read and follow schematics created with the library. PTC Windchill. Aras PLM. Design Data Storage. Design Storage and Version Control Store and access all of your design assets in one centralized location in the cloud with full visibility of the changes made.

Project History Review every change that happens to your designs, including details like net and component modifications, with in-depth search capabilities for modified data.

Design Reuse Manage schematic sheets, reusable layer stacks, design templates, and defaults. Manufacturing Data Archive Store and manage all of your releases, form manufacturing packages and communicate changes with the manufacturer, all in one place. Configurable Lifecycle Management Define lifecycle states and assign them to design data, including components with models, managed schematics, and releases.

Centralized Libraries and Supply Chain. Cloud Libraries Easy-to-use design libraries stored in a centralized, secure, and version-controlled cloud platform. Intelligent Supply Chain Control the list of manufacturing parts associated with the components in your design and always have up-to-date information about their status and availability. Octopart Library Content Access models, parameters, and basic lifecycle data for millions of electronic components in Octopart.

Managed Components Formal data management for design library components, including support for lifecycle states, in-design validation, templates, and where-used traceability.

Live Support. Maintenance Updates. Schematic Capture. Unified Library Management. Mixed Simulation. Board Layout. Interactive Routing. MCAD Collaboration. Data Management. Manufacturing Outputs. Fabrication Drawings. Starting at. Perpetual License Buy an Altium Designer license once, and use it forever. Starting at price3. Buy now. Something else we can help with?

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Altium Designer – PCB Design Software

Eliminate costly and time-consuming miscommunications with manufacturing with version-controlled release packages that can be shared in a single click. An abundance of free eLearning resources Requirements To qualify for the Altium Education program and student license, complete the following steps: Complete the registration form with a valid email address that’s associated with your university domain. Nov 21, Each component in the database contains a link to supplier pages and a link to the datasheet allowing rapid access to reference materials. Rapidly verify connectivity and design flexible circuitry for multi-board setups with product-level wiring, mating, and Native 3D.