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So the next upgrade is to do with CC Libraries and Text going into it. So this is the previous version of InDesign. I can always click, hold, and drag a whole text box in, and that was fine, but when I drag the text box back out, it was in this kind of format, and I couldn’t put the pure text in there. So in the new version you can – so let’s switch over – so in the newer version, there’s an extra option.

So if I added this text now, I get this new kind of sub-category here called Text rather than the graphics, like I just added before. And why is that cool? It’s because I can drag it out now as pure text, click, hold, and drag, and you can see my cursor is loaded, and then I can drag the text box any odd size.

You’ll see I’ve brought through all the formatting I had, be it the Paragraph Styles, in my case, I just made the font bold. You can override that if you just hold ‘Shift’ while you’re dragging it out. And then drag it out, you’ll see, it’s whatever your default font is. The cool thing about this also is that other CC applications like Photoshop and Illustrator can use this raw text, whereas before, when we put it in as a graphic it just got dumped onto those other applications, as like a picture.

Now we can use it as pure text and it will bring through all the formatting that you’ve done in these Paragraph Styles here.

Pretty cool. Before we move on from CC Libraries, this is not new for , this feature came out during the year, not on one of the major releases, and most people missed it, that’s just up here, say I got this Library here, and working on one called ‘3D Characters’, and I add my ‘Type’ to it. I can share this, I’ve always been able to collaborate, which means I can send it to a colleague, they can add, remove, and delete things from my library.

Great if you’re working in an agency, or working with a colleague, and you trust them to be able to add and delete stuff from the library, but the new option in here, is this one that says ‘Share Link’.

This is what you might send to your client, you might design their logos, dump all the logo options that they might want in here, and they can look at them, they can download them but they can’t adjust them, which is really good. Allows you to send outside the agency, or if you’re a freelancer, just send it to clients so they stop bugging you for stuff.

You can just send them the link, and say “Everything you need is in here,” and they can’t wreck it. Also note that, that link, if they are using the Creative Cloud app, they will have this library, but if they’re not, say this client may have no idea what InDesign is, or how it works, that link, there is a web version of it as well so that when they click on it, it will take them to a little website where they can download them, they don’t need the Creative Cloud apps installed.

So maybe not , but some of the thing got stuck in there. There are things worth mentioning right here. All right, let’s get on to the next feature. So this next feature is for the super organized InDesign users amongst us. I’m kind of in the middle. Some projects aren’t super organized, there’s Paragraph Styles, and there’s Color Groups, all sorts of awesomeness. And then other projects, they are a big mess, which I always regret later, but let’s say we’ve got our super organized hat on and we’re using our Swatches panel, we’re working with our client, it’s ‘Green at Heart’, that’s what all these colors are.

And you can select them all, and you can put them in a Color Group. So that came out in an earlier version of InDesign. You might not be using this. If you aren’t, it’s a really cool feature. It just means that I can put all my clients into little groups.

I can even do it with these default colors here. I’m sick of all these guys and these are my default colors. Super organized. But what you couldn’t do in the last version, , is you couldn’t have Gradient version. This guy had to hang out here by himself which made the Color Groups not as useful as they could be.

But now, magic, drag it in there. And they’re all part of the Color Groups, which was totally not possible if we would go with the older version. Just a little side note, if you are like me and you have got a few different clients, you want Swatch groups for you, want to have them there every time you load the program up, you probably already know.

I’m going to close down all my projects. So I’ve got nothing open. Then over here, switch to ‘Essentials’. And if you go through now, and if I delete these– I don’t want you because I want to trail them underneath them.

I go through and add new Swatches. Name them, bring them all through. If I do this while nothing is open, that will be my default forever. Whenever I’m making a new document, I have all the Swatches ready to go.

That’s how you change the default Swatches in InDesign. You can delete all these guys, and they’ll be gone forever but I need these guys, so I’m going to just delete that, the new one. All right, the feature is, Color Groups can now have Gradients. And if you’ve never used Color Groups before, you’re welcome.

The next upgrade is to the Object Styles. So like a Paragraph Style or a Character Style, you can– for objects like this, say the color and the drop shadow, I can set that as a Style. In here I’m going to make a new Style, I’m going to double click, give it a name. And this one is going to be called ‘Star Burst’. So it means that I can go to a different document, I can grab my ‘Polygon’ tool, drag my ‘Star Burst’.

If you’re wondering how I got all the spikes. And you can do ‘Number of Sides’, and the ‘Star Inset’. Holding ‘Shift’ to get a perfect circle, and I can click ‘Star Burst’.

So it gives me the Drop Shadow. Can’t really see the Drop Shadow there but it’s got the Drop Shadow on it, and it’s the right color. And that’s all you’ve been able to do up until now but now what we can do is—. You can now edit the hex value directly from the Color panel without opening the Color Picker dialog box. While creating a cross-reference, you can search a particular paragraph from the list of paragraphs with the help of a search bar.

The following types of search are supported:. While creating a new document, you now have an option to preview the document as you make changes in the New Document dialog.

Select Preview in the New Document dialog box to view how your document will look based on the current settings before you click Create. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Buy now. Feature summary InDesign releases Search. New features in October release Layout adjustment. Import PDF comments. Properties panel. Visual font browsing. OpenType SVG fonts support.

Add footnotes in tables. Other enhancements. You can now convert endnotes to footnotes and footnotes to endnotes in InDesign. Click Package. The Index panel now has larger area to display index entries, so you can locate them. Now, with custom fonts you can customize the look of forms in an exported PDF. New features in March release Space between paragraph styles.

Merge paragraph borders. Richer analytics for Publish Online documents. Use Photoshop and Illustrator shortcuts in InDesign. Export document as separate PDF pages. With the Split Window feature lets you to compare layouts whle the Content Collector acts similar to a clipboard, enabling you to collect assets from any documents and reuse them in any other layouts.

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CS6 does not have paragraph shading or borders, for example. To follow along in two specific sections about using Photoshop and Illustrator with InDesign, you will need access to those programs, as well part of the Annual Report Project. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Sign up here to get the latest news, updates and special offers delivered directly to your inbox. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram.

Sarwari posts comments. You might also like More from author. Layout adjustment in InDesign is now quick and easy. If you need to change the page size of a document after text and images have been added, you no longer need to manually adjust the text, images, or other elements. The new Adjust Layout feature automatically adjusts all elements in the layout when the page size, page margin, or bleed of a document is changed.

For more information, see Layout adjustment. You can accept comments and mark them resolved or unresolved. Selecting a comment also highlights the section in the document where the comment is applicable. For more information, see Import PDF comments. The new Properties panel in InDesign lets you view settings and controls in the context of your current task or workflow.

This new panel has been designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that you have access to the right controls when you need them. The Properties panel is available by default in the Essentials workspace. For more information, see Properties panel.

You can now browse thousands of fonts from hundreds of type foundries from within InDesign, activate them instantly, and use them in your documents. The Fonts panel includes various new options to provide you an enriched experience while working with fonts. You can apply a filter to view only the recently added fonts. You can also select a sample text from the list of predefined text for font preview or select your own text as well.

You now also have the option to change the font size while previewing the font. For more information, see Using fonts. Using OpenType SVG emoji fonts, you can include various colorful and graphical characters, such as smileys, flags, street signs, animals, people, food, and landmarks in your documents. You can also create composite glyphs. For example, using the EmojiOne font, you can create the flags of countries or achieve skin tone diversity in your glyphs.

You can now insert footnotes in a table in InDesign. The footnote text appears at the bottom of the text frame. The reference number of a footnote in a table will be in continuation with the reference number of footnotes in that story.

For more information, see Footnotes. You can now retain the filename while exporting a document. Else, it will have the name previously entered by you. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with different Adobe software program options Photoshop , Illustrator , Acrobat , Flash. Related Articles. Check Also. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram. Close Search for.