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Your first step after creating or opening a new sequence should be to check your Sequence Settings. Why not map a shortcut for it? Just as Zoom to Sequence zooms you all the way out, Zoom to Frame will zoom you all the way in to the frame level. Join All Through Edits will rejoin any through edits in your selection. Show Audio Time Units lets you zoom in — and adjust edits — at the subframe level in your Premiere Pro sequence. Map this command, use it, and watch the time indicators at the top of the Timeline panel change.

This is a lifesaver for music edits. With these you can easily control where your video and audio clips go, when you cut them into your sequence. If your V1, A1, A2, etc. Paste Attributes for Motion, Opacity, Effects, etc. Instead of hovering over a cut with the mouse, you can instantly select the type of trim you need to do regular, roll, or ripple. These work on all active tracks. Emmy-winning editor and Certified Premiere Pro Instructor, Dylan Osborn shows broadcasters and professional editors how to maximize their Adobe software in post-production.

Tags: Premiere Pro Tutorial. July 6, September 8, December 4, Do you mean the book? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How frame rate and shutter speed affects your video. Color grading and finishing in Premiere Pro CS5. Premiere Pro Title Collection. The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro — now available! Slide Show Projector template. Video Scopes for noobs.

About the Author Emmy-winning editor and Certified Premiere Pro Instructor, Dylan Osborn shows broadcasters and professional editors how to maximize their Adobe software in post-production. Betty Chong says:. May 4, at pm. Jarle Leirpoll says:. March 20, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. More cool stuff.

Recent comments. I just tried, and they do import as expected on my Sign In Welcome! Log into your account Your username. Your password. Sign Up Welcome! Register for an account Your email. Your username. Password Recovery Recover your password Your email. Description Changelog Specifications. Modern productions are built on hundreds if not thousands of clips.

Link and Locate helps you track down your clips quickly, making media management more efficient. Lumetri Deep Color Engine. Quickly apply rich, beautiful, preset color grades. Also import LUTs from other systems. Precise audio control.

Control sound with the Audio Clip Mixer, adjusting clips independently for a perfect mix. Adobe Anywhere integration. Make and review edits from any location. Assemble the best team — with no geographic limits. Mezzanine codecs, native formats.

Industry-standard mezzanine codecs are built in. Edit cross-platform with Apple ProRes. More Features: Mercury Playback Engine. Now, more editors get real-time performance when working on complex sequences, thanks to support for a wider range of GPUs. Render less often, work faster with third-party effects, and face deadlines with more confidence. High-fidelity interchange. Get greater accuracy and a smoother workflow when importing or exporting Avid or Final Cut Pro projects.

Sync Settings. Now you can walk into any edit bay in the world, sync your settings with Creative Cloud, and all your customized settings will be exactly where you want them. Multicam editing. Working with multiple video angles just got easier. Set up multicam edits faster with a streamlined workflow. Sync single shots or entire bins of footage all at once using audio waveforms.

You can even mix frame rates and codecs in the same sequence. Other Features: Project and media management. Keep your projects running smoothly with task-based workspaces that let you focus on the job at hand. Quickly find media with HoverScrub and RapidFind search results. Broad format support. Get true native support for a wide range of source formats with no need for transcoding or rewrapping.

Import files fast and get immediate, render-free playback. For tape-based workflows, the new Edit-to-Tape panel allows for easier layback. End-to-end metadata workflow. Use metadata that travels throughout your workflow for smarter editing and streamlined post-production. Import metadata infused Adobe Story scripts and sync them to footage.

Jump start your edits by importing rough cuts with associated metadata from Adobe Prelude. Greater audience reach. Reach more audiences with files optimized for tablets, web, smartphones, and TV. From capture to delivery, metadata makes assets manageable. Distribute objects in titles and graphics: New graphics tools allow you to adjust the spacing between text and shapes so you can evenly distribute different elements when designing titles and graphics.

Smart rendering improvements: Speed up exports by taking advantage of matching codecs and sequence previews. Smart rendering improvements in this release provide greater reliability and faster exports for supported formats HDR proxies: Work faster with HDR footage by creating HDR proxies of your media. Generate smaller medium- and high-resolution copies of your files in the correct color space, automatically.

HDR proxies match the originals visually and offer improved performance while editing. New Review workspace with Frame. Camera to Cloud. Included with Frame. Redesigned import. The new Import mode offers a visual and intuitive way of starting video projects and collecting media. Instead of Project settings, you begin with your media.

Select individual assets and click Create to bring them onto the timeline. Redesigned export. The new design streamlines exports by focusing on the destinations of your content, including social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Premiere Pro provides recommended output settings for each. Customize your own destinations and presets for even more efficiency. New Header bar. Navigate more easily in Premiere Pro with Import, Edit, and Export tabs to access the main stages of your creation process.

The header bar also provides quick access to Workspaces, Quick Export, and full-screen playback. Export Preset Manager. Use the new Preset Manager to access existing export presets, save your own custom presets, or import or export presets for sharing.

Auto Color, powered by Adobe Sensei. Jumpstart your color correction with the power of Adobe Sensei. Auto Color applies intelligent adjustments to help you fast track your color correction and is a helpful guide to help new users become familiar with the color tools. Speech to Text for Cantonese. Speech to Text now includes language support for Cantonese. Speech to Text language packs are now available for captioning videos in 14 languages.

Show or hide markers by color. Work efficiently by showing and hiding different groups of markers on your sequence. For example, if you chose different colors for different workflows, you can use checkboxes in the Markers panel to show or hide the category.

Trim mode playback looping option. When working in Trim mode, you can now start looping playback at the playhead, rather than the closest edit point. Remix progress indicator.

Remix intelligently retimes songs so that your music matches your videos.